Beyond the Break - English Version

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"It was both the most terrifying and beautiful night of my life´´

Few could have foreseen the events of that fateful night at Cargados Carajos on November 29th, 2014.

No one would have predicted the level of selflessness shown by Navigator Wouter Verbraak in putting his hand up; For plotting the course that would send his boat and crew hurtling towards a reef in the Indian Ocean and ultimately aground late at night.

The grounding is a definitive moment in Wouter Verbraak's sailing career. A career that is defined by his honesty at all times policy. Unwavering in the face of the maelstrom that followed, Wouter Verbraak's story will inspire, provoke thought and entertain.

The book details the disaster, the lessons learned with the benefit of hindsight; and the overlap with a commercial setting where the level of critical thinking mirrors that of an ocean racing navigator - the major decisions made and the subsequent decisions to ensure they stay the course. The individual skill set, the importance of psychology and a strong mental edge in a team setting are fundamental to Wouter’s personal development; the ascent to the summit of ocean racing. An equal among the world’s most sought after circumnavigators and strategists.

The value of the team is central to the publication. Navigating team dynamics is a very delicate process. The ability and confidence to isolate patterns in weather and among the crew are essential.

"What makes ocean racing so special is that we are all naked´´

Communication is vital. Leadership is a habit that must be refined and executed on a daily basis. Honesty is the foundation on which it all rests.


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